Odoo ERP System

Odoo ERP System

How Odoo ERP system help your business

Odoo ERP system presents a whole management to all departments in your agency through one screen like accounting , sales , stocks and other departments. ERP system connect all of these departments in one place so the operations are completed in an integrated and easy way between them. Pixagrama offers you a comprehensive system for all fields, including manufacturing, contracting, trading companies and other sectors

ERP Modules


You can follow public accounts, assets, payments and entries


Registering customers and following up the stages of sales to leads


Registration of suppliers, dates of receipt, delivery and invoices


Follow-up of inventory operations between stores, shortage and excess of items


 Flexibility in retail operations and linking Point of sales to stores



Comprehensive management of employees, salaries and tasks of each employee


Register Clients contracts and their data plus the interaction with the work team


Get the information you need throw brief and in detail reports

Odoo erp features

  • Flexible usage in web browser page
  • The system work on mobiles and tablets
  • The system supports the growth stages of the organization
  • Customizing tasks for each employee based on his position

  •  Build the system according organization’s needs and departments
  • Operations are processed on the system automatically and integrated
  • Print comprehensive and detailed reports at any time monthly and yearly
  • System can work on more than databases and connect between them

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